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What is “Chalk Paint”?

“Chalk Paint” is making waves in the DIY industry because you can easily transform a piece of furniture – without having to first prime or sand the piece.  In addition, you can paint right from the can, and don’t have to mix multiple ingredients.  It is called “chalk paint” not necessarily because it contains chalk (some do, some don’t) – but because of the matte, chalky finish it creates.  “Chalk Paint” is different from chalk board paint – however you can use it as a chalk board (by not using wax) if you wish.  In most cases, a piece of furniture painted with “chalk paint” is waxed and this is what gives it a more “finished” look.  Some chalk paints require wax (for extra protection) – while others don’t (see below).

Because of the rise in popularity, there are currently many different varieties of “chalk paint” on the market.  They are not all the same.  In fact, most have very different ingredients – and hence properties.  As a result, there are definitely some that are better than others!

Why Amy Howard One Step Paint?

After experimenting with many well known brands of “chalk paint,” I found that the Amy Howard products were easier to apply and that I was able to achieve a lot of different “looks” with the same paint.  I could apply one thin coat to achieve a more “rustic” look, or 2-3 coats for a more “finished” look.  In addition to light and dark antiquing wax, Amy Howard also offers Gilding supplies, Dust of Ages (for an authentic “Old World” look), Toscana milk paint, and a quick and easy Spray Lacquer.  For smaller projects, Amy Howard provides 8 oz. size sample pots.

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I am currently selling Amy Howard One-Step Paint products at The Robin’s Nest in Marshall, VA and at Vintage Hill in Warrenton, VA.